Bone Idol Brewery Story

Bone Idol Brewery started with beers in hand, a conversation between two friends, and a desire to enjoy a great, easy drinking beer.

With plans underway for The Plate Restaurant, that initial conversation between friends Alister Ferguson and Ryan McBurney took on a life of its own; leading to a meeting with ‘a friend of a friend’ who owned a brewery down south. After a few more beers, and with ideas flowing, it was decided to include a brewery in house at the restaurant. And so began the inception of Bone Idol Brewery.

Officially launched in June 2022, Bone Idol Beers are currently only available on tap at The Plate Restaurant Toowoomba. However, we have big plans and hope to begin canning in the next 12 months, allowing fellow Australian beer lovers to delight in our brews.

The Finer Details

Taking the greatest pride in every batch we brew, we use the highest quality hops from Tasmania, and hand craft in small batches using a traditional German brewing methodology. Our spent grain is repurposed back to a local farming family who we source our pork from for The Paddock Butchery and The Plate Restaurant.

Tim Anderssen – Head Brewer

Let’s rewind right back to the 70’s, where Tim’s passion for beer started as a child watching his uncle brew beer at home (no underage drinking was involved – Tim promises!).

Tim’s uni days, in the 90’s, saw him living the share house dream with mates and making ‘very average beer’ (his words, not ours). Using home brew tins from Coles, they’d add too much sugar to the bottle and lose most through the tops blowing off. As poor uni students, they’d salvage what they could, drink it too early, and ignore the not-so-great taste ‘sensation’.

Lucky enough to be dating a girl whose father brewed his own beer, Tim was introduced to quality beer and a date storage system; with consumption only occurring after a 6-month maturation process (Tim’s mind was blown).

Moving to Toowoomba in 2004 saw Tim meet Mark and Wayne from Saint Arnold Craft Brewing Club. And so began Tim’s eye-opening journey into the world of brewing with grain, storing in kegs, and drinking real beer with taste!

Tim’s spent the last 8 years growing his skills and passion, and brewed everything from pale ales to stouts, and Raspberry Saison to honey malt wheat with passionfruit. His finely tuned tastebuds, and love of a great easy drinking beer that can be enjoyed by everyone, made Tim the perfect choice for head brewer of Bone Idol Brewery; officially joining the team towards the end of 2021.

Our Businesses

Located at the same site as Bone Idol Brewery, you’ll find The Paddock Butchery, The Shed Coffee Drive Thru, and The Plate Restaurant. 

We’ve created a unique destination for Toowoomba where you can enjoy a great beer with your mates and a delicious meal in the restaurant, pop next door to the butchery to purchase your meat, pantry items and local produce for the coming week, and grab a take-away coffee or snack on the go for breakfast and lunch!

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